CAKE at the EFNI Conference, October 21, 2021

CAKE at the EFNI Conference, October 21, 2021

On the October 21, 2021, Robert Jeszke – Head of CAKE had a pleaure to participate in the 10 th edition of the EFNI Conference in the panel etitled ““Roundtable: Perspectives for the truck transport electrification in Poland” wand in which the Fundacja Promocji Pojazdów Elektrycznych was a partner.


Robert Jeszke in his speech in the panel which was focused on the electrification of truck transport in Poland emphasized that it is neccessary to develop infrastructure and integrate activities supporting the increase in the share of zero emission freight transport. Among the main actions that should stimulate the achivement of zeroemissions in transport underlined:

  • Increase of the invesement outlays on infrastructure neccessary for the widespread use of zeroemission vehicles, i.e. fast charging stations, hydrogen refuelling statuions, ERS networks for heavy duty vehicles.
  • Continuation and development of the subsidy programs devoted for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles, and in the initial period, the extension of subsidies for the purchase of used cars.
  • Introduction of clean transport zones in large cities.

At the end, Robert Jeszke emphasized that the current fleet in both passenger and freight road transport mainly uses internal combustion engines, and taking into account the fact that these vehicles are currently still being introduced to the market, it should be expected that they will be operated in the near future.


In the debate participated also Rafał Bajczuk (FPPE), Szymon Byliński (Director, Ministry of Climate and Environment), Andrzej Kubisiak (Polish Economic Institute), Alicja Pawlowska – Piorun (NCCC), Anita Ryng (IKEA), Andrzej Siemiński (Ministry of Infrastructure), Paweł Wideł (Automotive Employers Association Board). 


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