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ECEMF 2020 “European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum”.

On 1st May 2021 the €5 million, four-year project, the “European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum” was launched.  The aim of the project is to establish a new European institution – the forum – to tackle the key challenge of our time – how to achieve climate neutrality. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (No 101022622). Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute / KOBiZE / CAKE is part of the consortium and a co-beneficiary of the project.
The forum will bring together energy and climate researchers and policy makers working across Europe to build a coherent and robust policy-relevant evidence base to address climate neutrality.
With an exciting programme of stakeholder engagement, policy and research activities, the project will identify critical policy-relevant research questions that will then be addressed by the forum. An ambitious model comparison exercise involving the 20 models developed and maintained by the project members, together with those of newly recruited forum members, will form the core of a research programme which tackles the role of the demand and supply side, behaviour and the EU in the global policy context. The project will also develop novel open digital infrastructure to support the hosting, communication and discussion of scenarios, models, assumptions and results.
The project kick-off meeting hosted over 50 participants from the 15 project partners as well as technical, communications and policy experts. Two members of the international advisory board, Prof. John Weyant of the Stanford Energy Modelling Forum, and Prof. Shinichiro Fujimori, Kyoto University shared their experience of the value of model comparison exercises and provided inspiration for the forum.
The ECEMF consortium is led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and consists of 15 partners in total from 9 countries including CMCC, IIASA, PIK, TU Wien, e-think, TNO, Fraunhofer ISI, E3M, PBL, Artelys, Comillas, TU Delft, University of Melbourne and IOŚ-PIB.
The role of IOŚ-PIB/KOBiZE/CAKE in the ECEMF project include work in the 2 working packages:

  • Pathways to climate neutrality in the EU
  • Involvement in developing scenarios and conducting analysis
  • Use and update of MEESA model


  • Community, Outreach, Dissemination and Legacy
  • Involvement in developing and implementing a detailed communication plan and build a stakeholder network
  • Workshops – including one meeting with Polish Goverment.
    More information about the project you can find at the website ECEMF & Twitter: @ECEMF_2020


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