LIFE Climate CAKE PL – Information Day

LIFE Climate CAKE PL – Information Day

On April 25, 2018 the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute participated in the LIFE 2018 Information Day at the National Stadium in Warsaw as the beneficiary of the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project.


The event, organized by the NFEP & WM for the eleventh time, is a unique opportunity to learn about this financial instrument implemented by the European Commission, but first and foremost, the opportunity to present projects implemented, and exchange experiences.

The LIFE Climate CAKE PL project was developed at the IOŚ-PIB National Balancing and Emission Management Center and will be implemented by November 2020.

The basic goal of the project is to create a durable and comprehensive system of creating and exchanging information and knowledge integrating information from various key areas from the point of view of effective implementation of energy and climate policy and supporting the creation of short and long-term cross-section analyzes of the impact of various solutions in this area. Such comprehensive analyzes will serve to increase the knowledge of both administration in defining national strategies, action plans and other government documents, as well as other stakeholders and civil society.


“The objectives of the project are in line with the EU policy of counteracting climate change, and support the implementation of the 2020 energy and climate package and the EU climate policy framework by 2030, also in the perspective of a long-term strategy until 2050. The project is also one of the elements of the whole package of activities, in the area of ​​increasing the potential of knowledge that are undertaken by IOŚ-PIB “- said Dr. Eng. Krystian Szczepański, Director of IOŚ-PIB during the presentation of the project.


As part of the project, an analytical workshop will be created, consisting of the global general equilibrium (CGE) model and the sectoral models of energy, agriculture and transport cooperating with it. Model tools will be built by high-class specialists who, as a result of the entire project, will create a comprehensive and durable team capable of constantly supporting the target group and project stakeholders. At the same time, in the KOBiZE, an opportunity to work and develop for experts and scientists with knowledge in the field of construction, operation and use of analytical economic and sectoral models is created.

The Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute took part in the LIFE 2018 Information Day at the National Stadium in Warsaw

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