Official launch of projects from the 2016 LIFE call for proposals in Brussels

Official launch of projects from the 2016 LIFE call for proposals in Brussels

On 19-20 October 2017, the representatives of the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project team took part in the Kick-off meeting LIFE16, which was organized by the European Commission for all beneficiaries of the LIFE Program.


The purpose of the meeting was to present the basic principles of the Program, cooperation with the intermediary unit (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – EASME), the method of project monitoring, as well as financial settlement and reporting.


During the meeting, a short presentation prepared on the basis of the Commission template on the LIFE Climate CAKE PL project implemented by IOS-PIB /KOBiZE was presented – its timeline and content, objectives and results. Furthmore, the detailed questions about the project’s specific questions were answered.


An important element during the project implementation is contact with other beneficiaries of the LIFE program in order to exchange experiences. During the “Kick-off meeting” representatives of IOŚ-PIB held a bilateral meeting with other LIFE beneficiaries implementing the LIFE ClimatePath 2050 project. This project is similar in essence to the one implemented by IOS-PIB/KOBiZE – it assumes the use of existing model tools in Slovenia to improve the quality of information in the decision-making process, in particular in developing national plans for energy and climate. At the meeting, it was agreed that at a later stage it would be worth to exchange results during the work progress.

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