3rd meeting of LIFE VIIEW 2050 Platform of Experts Meeting

3rd meeting of LIFE VIIEW 2050 Platform of Experts Meeting

On the March 26th, 2024, the 3 rd  LIFE VIIEW 2050 Platform of Experts meeting was held. During the meeting we delved into our latest analysis: „VIIEW on EU ETS: Exploring synergies between the EU ETS and other EU climate policy measures – carbon removal, hydrogen, and sectoral transport policy”.


Our CAKE / LIFE VIIEW 2050 experts, Jakub Boratyński, Igor Tatarewicz, Marek Antosiewicz and Adam Wąs presented analytical-modelling and macroeconomic scenarios, sectoral results for energy, transport and agriculture. The key findings and recommendations are presented below:


  • The sequestration of CO2 through technologies such as BECCS and afforestation is crucial for climate neutrality in the EU, contributing to GDP growth and consumption.


  • Introducing emission sinks should be a priority, bringing financial benefits and reducing the burden on sectors, especially in countries such as Poland.


  • Reducing emissions in the agricultural sector is difficult, but the proper use of financial subsidies can help to reduce the costs.


  • The development of green hydrogen production requires a sustainable subsidy plan, especially in the key years 2030-2035.


  • The introduction of subsidies and hasztagemission standards has a major impact on reducing emissions in the transport sector.


Thank you all the participants for joining us. It was an enriching session, discussing the impact of overlapping mechanisms like removals, hydrogen, emission standards for vehicles, and ETS for the agricultural sector on the functioning of the EU ETS.



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