CAKE at Conference COP28 in Dubai

CAKE at Conference COP28 in Dubai

Centre for Climate and Energy Analysis (CAKE) is going to participate at the side events during the COP28 – UN Climate Change Conference, which will be held in Dubai from November 30, till December, 12 th 2023. This year CAKE will have the opportunity to co-organize two side events, one held in the Estonian Pavillion on 4th December 2023 and second at the EU Pavillon on the   December 9 th, 2023. We invite you to participate in both of these events.


We cordially invite you to get acquainted with the program and to register and participate in side events in which the Centre for Climate and Energy Analysis (CAKE) will have the opportunity to be a co-organizer and partner along with other organizations including DG Climate Action, Energy Community, International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP), Florence School of Regulation FSR Climate (European University Institute).








  • SIDE EVENT in Estonian Pavillion

Theme: EU ETS and Other Carbon Pricing Measures Towards Climate Neutrality

Date: 4 December 2023 r., 9.00-9.30 (DUBAI TIME)

Place: Estonian Pavilion (Blue Zone pavilion B6-75)

Organizers and partners: CAKE/KOBIZE, Energy Community Secretariat

More information and programme:



Beatriz Yordi, Director, DG Climate Action, European Commission

Aliona Rusnac, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Moldova

Robert Jeszke, CEO of the Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses (CAKE) 

Artur Lorkowski, Director, Energy Community Secretariat

Moderator: Maciej Cygler – The National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE)


The European Green Deal and Fit for 55 package are propelling EU climate action towards global climate neutrality. Carbon pricing appears to be a pivotal tool in this endeavour, encompassing 23% of global emissions as of 2023, whereas emission trading alone accounts for 17%. Measures like CBAM or the potential interconnection of ETSs will have a significant impact on climate policies around the world. CBAM can actively serve as an incentive to bolster mitigation efforts beyond the EU. The debate will revolve around the multi-dimensionality and complexity of such policy tool combinations, taking into account the dynamic evolution of the EU ETS and its pertinent interactions with other measures on the path to achieving a climate-neutral economy in the EU and other regions, especially in countries adopting carbon pricing measures.



Theme: A Carbon Bank to manage the transition towards a low carbon economy

Date: 4.12.2023, 13:15-14:30, (Dubai time)

Place: IETA Business Hub Pavilion & online

Organizers and partners: ERCST

Agenda: A Carbon Bank to manage the transition towards a low carbon economy 



Andrei Marcu, Executive director, ERCST

Claude Loreca, Director, Global Cement and Concrete Association, GCCA

Daniel Agostini, Head of Energy and Climate Policies , Enel

Ioana Pectu, Eurelectric

Philippe Chauveau, Solvay

Robert Jeszke, CEO of the Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses (CAKE) 


More information and programme:


A side event during COP28 organized by ERCST. The topic of the workshop will be the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). In the face of the transition and the drive to achieve net zero emissions in Europe by 2050, there has been a proposal to establish a European Central Carbon Bank (ECCB). The workshop will raise questions about the future of carbon pricing. The current ETS architecture does not provide adequate tools to manage negative emissions. The event will help to understand the role of carbon authorities in managing potential reductions in the supply of carbon allowances and their practical shape and consequences.



  • SIDE EVENT in  the EU Pavillion

Theme: Towards a Climate-Neutral Economy: The Role of Carbon Pricing Systems in Moving the Industry Closer to Net-Zero by 2050

Date: 9.12.2023, 17.00-18.00 (DUBAI Time)

Place: EU Pavillion & livestream

Organizers and partners: DG Climate Action (European Commission), CAKE/KOBIZE, International Carbon

Action Partnership, Florence School of Regulation (European University Institute)





Moderator: Zhibin Chen, Senior Carbon Market Expert, International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

Robert Jeszke, CEO of the Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses , CAKE/KOBiZE (LIFEVIIEW2050)

Simone Borghesi, Director , Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute, University of Siena (LIFECOASE)

James Corbett, Environmental Director, World Shipping Council

Qian Guoqiang, Deputy General Manager, SinoCarbon Innovation & Investment

Eve Tamme, Climate Principles

Mette Quin, Deputy Director , DG Climate Action, European Commission

Gerassimos Thomas, Director General, DG TAXUD, European Commission



Registered COP28 participants can join the discussion live in Dubai. The event will also be streamed online via the European Union side events platform.

More information and programme:

Registration is required to participate online.


In the coming years, ETSs have a role to play in fostering industry’s mitigation potential, supporting development of transformational technologies and promoting circularity. Through expert insights and discussion, this event aims to provide a comprehensive view of how ETSs and associated mechanisms can drive deep decarbonization in industry, aligning closer with the net-zero goal by 2050. It also seeks to inform future climate policies with recent and cutting-edge scientific results.





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