CAKE Experts at the 2023 Horizon Information Day!

CAKE Experts at the 2023 Horizon Information Day!

Robert Jeszke, Head of the Center for Climate and Energy Analysis (CAKE) participated in the Panel on “Green, Digital, Fair – Transformation in the Horizon Europe Framework Program.” In his speech, Robert Jeszke presented CAKE’s experience in acquiring and participating in consortia of the several ongoing projects.


Current Horizon projects:

ECEMF (European Energy and Climate Modeling Forum),
AdJUST (Advancing the Understanding of Challenges, Policy Options and Measures to Achieve a Just EU Energy Transition), and


New planned projects:

UPTAKE (Bridging current knowledge gaps to enable the UPTAKE of carbon dioxide removal methods) and
TRACCE (Transformations, Resilience, and Adaptation to Climate Change in Europe).

In his speech, he stressed that consortia partners appreciate our approach to research work, and that the combination of experience and different international consortia partners allows for positive synergies. He also stressed that due to the work in the HORIZON programme we are are able to build competencies, tools, and this  enable us to transfer knowledge between different research centers not only in Poland, but also in Europe.

Marcin Popkiewicz was the moderator of the panel discussion and among the distinguished panelists who shared their experience gained from the HorizonEurope program were:
Maria Śmietanka, Deputy Director of the National Contact Point Department, National Center for Research and Development
Piotr Dymarski, Head of Digital Transformation Department, Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
Ligia Kornowska, MD, Leader of the AI in Health Coalition, Managing Director, Polish Federation of Hospitals.

We sincerely thank you for the invitation and look forward to further cooperation!


If you are interested and want to read more about the HORIZON 2023 Information Day: LINK

Agenda: LINK


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