Strategy, Analysis and Auctions Unit

Strategy, Analysis and Auctions Unit

Strategy, Analysis and Auctions Unit was formally established in 2009 within the framework of KASHUE (now KOBiZE), but its activity began in 2008, when there was an urgent need for strategic support of government, particularly the Minister of Environment during the negotiation of climate and energy package, as well as the process of negotiating a new international climate agreement in 2009, 2010 and 2011. As a follow-up employees of the Strategy and Analysis Unit provides expert support of the Polish delegation during the meetings of the Climate Change Committee, technical working groups, informal expert meetings of European Commission, the EU Council and in other forums.


In particular, it concerns the involvement of the implementation of climate and energy package, including: auctioning system in the third trading period of EU ETS, definition of benchmarks, which will determine distribution of free allowances after 2013; measures to prevent the occurrence of “carbon leakage” in the EU ETS; derogations for electricity, offset mechanisms andtheir impact on the carbon market. It is also responsible for carrying out KOBiZE tasks related to auctioning system in the current trading period of EU ETS. Strategy, Analysis and Auctions Unit at KOBiZE serves as the centre of analysis and supporting work of other units within preparing comprehensive statement of task forces arising from international and national obligations (so-called “road maps”). The unit is responsible for preparing forecasts and consulting analyses, reviewing the functioning of the systems in the field of air protection, taking into consideration among others the background of macroeconomic indicators, as a supporting tool for the preparation of national and sectoral emission reduction plans. The unit creates concepts and solutions for the implementation of international commitments in the field of air protection, particularly under the climate and energy package (EU ETS directive and non-ETS decision) and other national commitments.


From 2012 experts from Strategy, Analysis and Auctions Unit took active part of the Center for Climate Analysys (CAK in Polish). The Centre was created on the basis of interinstitutional agreement within public administration in Poland. As a part of CAK works, a global CGE model PLACE was created.

The unit conducts ongoing cooperation with experts in the various level of governmental institutions and with other external units in the country and abroad, including the European Commission.

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