IEP-NRI The Institute of Environmental Protection

Institute of Environmental Protection is supervised by the Ministry of the Environment. The development of the basic environmental policy on a national and international scale distinguishes IEP-NRI from other research and development units dealing with issues of environmental protection. An important part of IEP-NRI activity is comprehensive environmental research, integrating research conducted in different research fields.


The Institute operates in the following fields:


  • Developing the basics of Poland’s environmental strategy and policy and participating in international studies,,
  • Comprehensive studies of the environment, especially the processes and consequences of its degradation, with particular emphasis on the areas of industrial degradation,
  • Protection of the atmosphere against pollution,
  • Climate protection,
  • Protection against noise and vibration,
  • Protection of the landscape and living resources of nature,
  • Protection and restoration of the biologically active surface of the earth,
  • Protection and restoration of water resources,
  • Waste management.


The scope of the Institute’s activities also includes:


  • international and national cooperation in the field of environmental protection,
  • ecological education,
  • granting technical approvals for equipment for wastewater treatment and treatment of sludge,
  • issuing opinions on plant protection products intended for registration in Poland in the field of environmental safety,
  • implementation and dissemination of the Institute’s results through its own publications, organization of conventions, conferences and national symposia,
  • library and information activities.


More information on the IEP -NRI you can find at:

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