Project goals

Project goals

AdJUST – Advancing the Understanding of Challenges, Policy Options and Measures to Achieve a Just EU Energy Transition



AdJUST is a transdisciplinary project aimed mainly at achieving a significant change in the social understanding of the distributional consequences of the transition towards climate neutrality and at identifying effective interventions that will minimize the negative impacts of the transition. Accordingly, AdJUST combines the research approaches of various scientific disciplines with continuous social dialogue. AdJUST is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme and carried out by a transdisciplinary European consortium consisting of 9 EU partners, 2 UK associated partners and other 11 EU associated partners. Project started on 1st October 2022 and will last for 48 months, until 30th September, 2026.



AdJUST activities involve European public bodies, industry, civil society and researchers, working together to design and promote a shared vision towards the common goal of achieving climate neutrality. It relies on state-of-the-art economic assessment tools, statistical analysis, and research approaches from other social science disciplines — including political science, business management, public administration, political theory, philosophy and ethics — to generate methodologically-sound research results on the full range of challenges of the just transition. These comprise technical, economic, and social/equity dimensions for companies, workers, households and public bodies, and the potential distributional impacts of the EU Green Deal, NextGenerationEU and Fit for 55 package. AdJUST thus combines research approaches from complementary disciplines with a continuous social dialogue, ensuring that the project practices open science, models procedural justice, and builds understanding, trust and capacity among citizens and other stakeholders concerning the transition to climate neutrality.



As part of the project, the CAKE Team – placed in the IOS-PIB structure – will primarily develop a model tool (d-PLACE model) for assessing the impact of climate policy on the economy. In particular, we are going to implement the specificity of the labour market in the model. The preparation of the tool will enable assessing how the low-emission transformation affects the flow of employees between sectors. The results of the analyses will be presented in the form of scientific reports.


AdJUST project is also an opportunity to cooperate with leading research institutes. The CAKE team will meet regularly with other consortium teams to discuss assumptions and analysis results.



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